With all the talk of Hot Girl Summer and Christian Girl Autumn, little if any attention has been given to the ageless Sad Girl Summer (SGS).

That’s all about to change thanks to “SICK”, the latest collaboration from Aussie dark pop sorceress CXLOE and Angeleno rapper gnash. A true heavyweight on par with SGS classics like Lana’s ode to the moody season, “SICK” is wonderfully brooding, raw, and soaring alt pop banger.  



In a statement, CXLOE had this to say about the track:

"The song 'SICK' is about loving too much and never wanting to show it. Never having that middle ground or normalcy within yourself because your emotions are extremes of each other. Sometimes we want to be showered in affection and jewels and dinners, and sometimes we just want that raw emotion of feeling sick over someone, like an obsession. That pit of your stomach sick."

The juxtaposition at play here is alluring. The catchy and danceable beat matched to lyrics that wildly fluctuate between sweet and sadistic. CXLOE and gnash bring a different energy and approach to the song but end up in the same sort of manic headspace anyone who’s ever had a crush can relate to.  

In what is only her SIXTH (!?) studio track, CXLOE has already amassed millions of plays and a global audience chomping at the bit for more. Adding another phenomenal hit to her arsenal will only further her reach and accelerate her ascension to pop stardom.

It’s not too late to add this beauty to your Summer Mix. The track brings to mind similarly towering songs like Frighten Rabbit’s “Keep Yourself Warm” or ‘the teaches of Peaches’.

“SICK” is available now on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned to We Are: The Guard for further updates on CXLOE’s awesomeness and other great music.


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