Delta Rae "Bottom of the River"


If you've ever spent any time in the south, you know it's an entirely different animal than the rest of the country. These distinct difference manifest themselves in ways that are good, bad, and just downright unexplainable. But one of the very good 'differences' is southern gospel music.

There seems to have been a revival these past few years of bands updating this religious style. One such band is Durham's Delta Rae. Today's Latest Music Tracks comes courtesy of the North Carolina natives. Listen to the dark, hymn-like "Bottom of the River," below:


"Bottom of the River" is the first single off Delta Rae's debut album Carry the Fire, which is out now via Sire Records.

As a special treat for you we also have the official music video of the song, which may or may not be an excerpt from an upcoming musical episode of True Blood.


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