Any new Drake track is an event, a best new track, simply because of the man involved. His stature alone demands attention, and in the case of his cool new song "How About Now," Dreezy reminds us of why he ascended to the top of the rap game.

"How About Now" finds Drake at his emo best, sticking it to some bird who didn't give him the time of day back in the day. While it might seem petty to call people out from your perch atop the mountain, you can't argue with the results. It does nothing to help him shed his 'soft' label, but he gets to live out everyone's middle school fantasy. Aubrey once again bares his sensitive soul for all with choice lyrics like:

I used to always try and burn you CDs of my new shit
You be like "who's this?"
I be like "me, girl."
You be like "oh word, true shit?"
Then ask if we could listen to Ludacris

He caps it all off with the instantly memorable hook, "Ya, you ain't really f*ck with me way back then girl, how bout now?" 

Listen to the whole thing now.



Word on the street is "How About Now" and additional new Drake songs "6 God" and "Heat of the Moment," both of which can be streamed on Soundcloud, are off the forthcoming Views From The 6 LP. Other claim the tracks are additional recordings from the Nothing Was The Same sessions.

I guess we'll find out soon enough. For now, let's just enjoy these songs.


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