Best New Tracks: Dum Dum Girls-End of Daze


Today's Latest New Songs comes from everyone's, or at least my, favorite all-girl retro lo-fi band Dum Dum Girls.

The California girls follow up the 2011 He Gets Me High EP and their second LP, Only in Dreams, with five new songs on the End of Daze EP. As if that weren't enough, they've decided to let us stream their new material a full week before it's for sale. What swell people.

While the first track, "Mine Tonight," is our favorite, the whole thing is solid throughout. Listen to the whole thing below if you know what's good for you:

End of Daze is out September 25 via our friends at Sub Pop. Stream it here until then.

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And as always, thanks for stopping by Bitcandy's Blogs On Music, where we just figured out that 'daze' wasn't a typo.


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