The dream of the '90s is alive and well on fanclubwallet’s infectious cover of The Outfield's "Your Love."

Indie music, of all stripes, has changed a ton in the 21st Century. In the 80s/90s, college rock/alt rock/indie rock was shorthand for low-key, IDGAF slack rock. 2000s indie rock, on the other hand, is barely distinguishable for Pop Music. In fact, some of today's best indie musicians can be even more polished and pristine than certain Pop artists. It might be indie in name and appearance but a certain laidback charm is lost in the update.

These twin polarities come together, to utterly charming result, on fanclubwallet's newest single "Your Love," a cover of The Outfield's 80s pop original.



Fanclubwallet's cover performs a kind of reverse osmosis on The Outfield's original. Whereas most covers tend to shine and polish an original to machined perfection, the 80s version of "Your Love" was already slick, polished, and addictive enough that it should probably have a warning label. In Hannah Judge's - the musician behind fanclubwallet - hands it becomes soft and warm as thrift store denim. Judge replaces Tony Lewis' 80s power pop vocals with a woozy, plasticine lead that brings to mind 90s indie rockers like Juliana Hatfield, Liz Phair, or The Breeders. John Spink's guitars are replaced with a catchy palm-muted chug, which makes the kaleidoscopic arpeggios of the chorus all that more scintillating.

And then it all comes home, cascading into a soaring lead as fanclubwallet fades out, leaving us to dance in the dry ice fog of the soul.

"Your Love" follows hot on the heels of fanclubwallet's newest EP, Hurt Is Boring, which has already been raking in some rave reviews from Billboard, Stereogum, and Consequence of Sound. We Are: The Guard are pleased as can be to help usher this glorious creation into existence!

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