Best New Tracks: Germany Germany - Departure


BitCandy are excited to announce the arrival of our free Summer Sampler 2012, a collection of 15 must-hear tracks from 15 new artists, all of which were discovered by our amazeballs Curators. To celebrate the launch, over the next two weeks, BitCandy will be bringing you a daily breakdown of every track that features on the compilation, kicking off today with Germany Germany's “Departure.”

Germany Germany is here to fill the almighty void left by The Postal Service and their (never-ending) hiatus (goddamnit!).

Behind the Deutschland nom de plume is a decidedly un-German young man named Drew Harris, who actually hails from Victoria, Canada. And yes, while that is all we know about this bro right now, we think that is all going to change this year, once news gets out about his Postal Service reminiscent synth-pop!

We consider "Departure" to be the perfect pathway into Drew's incandescent electro ambiance (hence why we have selected it for our Spring Sampler, yo). With its carousel synths and secretive vocals, it is like listening to a fairytale from once upon a time, far far away...

Oh, and totally NOT like listening to Owl City.

Germany Germany is one of 15 artists to feature on BitCandy's Summer Sampler 2012, available for free through our Facebook page.


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