Best New Tracks: Hundred Waters "Or:Are"


Holy shit you guys, did you know that folktronica has it's own wikipedia entry!?!?!?!?

I had never even heard of this term before I started doing research on Hundred Waters. This eclectic, five-piece outfit from Gainesville, Florida (which in case you're wondering is a place I always assumed was really ugly until I visited there. It's quite gorgeous actually) have been making a lot of noise recently with their masterful blending of, you guessed it, folk and electronica (a.k.a. folktronica).

Now that we've got that bloated sentence out of the way, allow me to introduce you to our Latest New Songs, the hauntingly melodic "Or:Are" by the aforementioned Hundred Waters.

Give it listen below. Go on, no one's watching...

This song will likely be compared to Imogen Heap's seminal hit, "Hide and Seek," and while such comparisons are not unwarranted, they don't fully do justice to Hundred Water's album closer (same way I'll never get the credit I deserve for the quadruple negative I pulled off in this sentence).

If anything, this track is Hide and Seek 2.0, and I don't mean any disrespect to Havering's favorite daughter when I say that.

Oh and here's another I'm loving (also for Free Download) 


Hundred Waters - Thistle

Hundred Waters released their debut album digitally on September 25th. A physical copy will be available later this month, complete with some exciting bundling options, over at Big Cartel. If you'd like to stream the album first, head over to their soundcloud page, where you can also listen to their Thistle EP.

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