If there’s a José González cover out there, you can count us on here at We Are: The Guard to let you know about it.

So when we heard British Nigerian crooner Jacob Banks took a stab at González’s “Every Age,” our ears perked up. When we actually listened to the song, we were left awestruck by the beauty of it and with the nagging sense we ought to be recycling more diligently as well as composting.

Released on Earth Day and having something or the other do with an EXTRA® Gum marketing gimmick, Banks cover is haunting and brief, taking nods from the original while also fulling making the track his own.

He keeps the sparseness of the original, swapping out the guitar for some tender piano keys. But what really separates these two versions is the vocals. Banks voice is more harrowing and evokes a sense of desperation that adds urgency to the track. It’s serene, contemplative, and a reminder that life is short and we’ve only got so long to make our mark.

Hear the track below, then go plant a tree or something.



Since releasing his debut record Village late last year, Banks has been busy jet setting across the globe, touring in support of the album. Banks shows are starting to become the stuff of legend. Dude will be on the road for the rest of the year, so check out his official site to see where he’ll be playing. Catch the show now, cause if he keeps on his current trajectory, them shows are about to get a lot more expensive.

In closing, we’ve got the González original below for comparison's sake. Spending a touch over 5 minutes with a pair of brilliant takes on this song will be some of the best time you spend today (probably).


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