"Soulful" is the best word to describe Jacob Banks. It's his pure talent that explains why he was the first ever unsigned artist to land on BBC Radio 1 (before he signed with Interscope Records) and it’s also why we love listening to him. The Nigerian-born, UK-raised artist makes a stunning comeback with his new EP, The Boy Who Cried Freedom.



One of our favorite tracks on the release is “Mercy.” "Mercy" proves that his fiery passion shows no signs of simmering any time soon. It's Blues Rock at its best with hints of the modern music's current obsession—synthesizers. While everyone seems to be using synths, it doesn't sound stale here, like it so often can. He warps his voice and pushes out the synths sparingly, never overtaking dramatic drums and strings. For the most part, Banks lets his raw vocal range rip through the airwaves to croon about near-unbearable rejection: "I just need a little mercy / oh mercy on me/ I keep burning / You keep turning me down."

Even though We Are: The Guard are spotlighting “Mercy," it is absolutely worth listening to his entire catalogue. Banks is full of surprises, such as the two-part narrative video he wrote and co-directed for his single, “Unholy War.” Yes, his list of releases are brief, but each and every one are sure leave an impact.