What makes a good song? For me, it’s about PRODUCTION -- and a nice beat to shake my *ss to, but that’s just subjective. With that said, We Are: The Guard kinda need you to listen to Kaivon’s recent track, “Alive.” The electronic artist pulls all the stops and creates a massive tune, equipped with a vibrant soundscape that literally sounds like it came from James Cameron’s Avatar. Check it out, goons.



The song starts off sounding like a rebooted XBOX (I should know -- Damn you, Microsoft). From there, “Alive” catapults you into a sonic wonderland, traversing through the multitude of electronic genres, almost. It’s future bass mostly, with tinges of synthpop and if you tilt your head further into your laptop’s speakers, you’ll hear the faint detection of some dubstep whirrs. It’s like a music festival packed in three minutes!! Fyre Fest excluded, of course.

“Alive” isn’t so much catchy, as just genuinely enjoyable to listen to, and it’s got eeeeverything to do with the production. Such crisp synths! The clarity of those drops! There are moments of isolated electronic blips that make my little heart beat faster, and it gets better through the sonic tunnel as the song progresses, never letting up with its cheerful ambience. So I’m here to stamp “Alive” with the esteemed title of Banger of the Week. ‘Cause, come on. College kids in basements these days would kill for this kind of production talent.

Check out Kaivon’s impressive releases on his Soundcloud. NOW.