Best Tracks: Kate Boy "In Your Eyes"


Let's get this out of the way upfront: this IS NOT a Peter Gabriel cover. No, this best new track is one of the singles from the ascending Swedish quartet of Hampus Nordgren Hemlin, Kate Akhurst, Markus Dextegen, and Oskar Sikow EngstrΓΆm (Swedish names are the tops), whom together make up Kate Boy. Kate Boy is actually the fictional fifth member of the band, which makes zero sense, but whatever.

"In Your Eyes" is the other song off the Northern Lights EP, which includes two remixes of the title track. Kate Boy's sound is driven by some on-point synth production and compares favorably with Knife and other of that ilk.

Listen to Kate Boy "In Your Eyes" below:

Kate Boy's debut Northern Lights EP is out now via IAMSOUND Records. Pick it up wherever music is sold digitally, physically, and maybe there's some cool third option we don't even know about.

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