Come swim in KYKO’s trop pop! What? Whoa, okay, get that mind out of the gutter, guys. We Are: The Guard are just really digging London-based artist’s KYKO’s new tune “Dive In,” a song so infectiously wispy, it’s like dancing in unison with a gang of forest animals -- except with a much sleeker ambience than anything Disney has ever offered.



“Dive In,” the single off of KYKO’s new Wildlife EP, is a weightless track, teeming with an incredible sense of optimism. Its synths and electronic elements are pronounced, yet still remain attractively subtle with respect to KYKO’s bright and polished voice. The back-up female vocals alongside him give the song a more sensuous feel as well. There are no rough edges; no negative vibes at all present in the track, which is great because I need more pop songs like this to combat all the dark clothing and humor that I’m into. “Dive In” is definitively, a feel-good track.

The best part about KYKO and his new song though, is that his timing is perfect, because I desperately needed a spring anthem to shed myself of this year’s winter season. Because man, it was rough. But the fluorescence of this song practically begs for the arrival of spring, and every reference to diving in that KYKO makes is forcing me to daydream about the inevitable pool time I’ll be spending in the coming months. DJ, play this track while I’m sipping a margarita in the water, please – which reminds me, I gotta start working on that summer body now. Thanks, KYKO!

His new EP, Wildlife, was released last week. You can stream the whole thing on Spotify and Apple Music now. So, go. Winter is LEAVING!