Who ever knew a song about the end of the world could sound so good? We Are: The Guard is loving Lambert’s track, “Sweet Apocalypse,” off the new album by the same name. Lambert isn’t your typical act. It’s comprised of one masked man – à la Daft Punk— from Germany who is ready bring his gifted piano work to the United States.



We must forewarn you, if you’re not into music without lyrics, then what Lambert, aka Nils Frahm, has to offer may not be for you. Still, we do suggest you open up your mind to something a little outside of Top 40, because his skill is well-worth a listen. Most artists wouldn’t be much without their lyrics, but Lambert has a mastery of his melody sheet unlike any other musicmaker today. He can transport your mental state to a place without stress or worry—to a place unexpected that may not exist in our world.

He’s been on the airwaves on the other side of the world for a bit and he’s sold out a number of live shows there too, but this is his first track ever to stream worldwide. If you give “Sweet Apocalypse” a chance, we’d bet that once you dive in, you’ll be begging him to perform at a music venue near you.