While movies and pop music try to make it seem like some grand and splendorous thing, being in love is really just one big pain in the ass. Especially for independently minded creative folks who actually enjoy being by themselves. Here lies the premises behind “Groceries,” the first track off Mallrat's latest EP In The Sky

Grace Shaw, the 19 year old wunderkind behind Mallrat, said as much in a recent interview with Happy Magazine in regards to the song: “It’s about having a crush but not wanting to have a crush on someone. Being like, this is so annoying, I don’t want this. I love being independent, so when you really like someone it can be annoying.”

Same x 1000. The only thing worse than not having a crush is having a new crush. Ugh, who even wants to deal with all those emotions, to say nothing of the anxiety-ridden uncertainty new crushes always bring with them.

For her part, Shaw deals with all this nonsense by writing an incredibly catchy, compelling, and highly relatable song. Combining the nonchalant, ‘don’t let them see you trying’ coolness of Pavement, the just woke up vocals of Frankie Cosmos*, and an abundance of swagger and confidence that’s entirely her own, Shaw has composed the perfect intro to her new EP and her musical stylings in general.

There’s a muted desperation throughout “Groceries” that is as difficult to pull off as it is to define. She perfectly captures the way a crush can overrun your entire world. Here you are just trying to buy some groceries when you find yourself aimless staring at the display of peanut butter while wondering what that person’s kiss tastes like. Or if they’re thinking of you in the same way, or at all. “This sucks. I'm lovesick”. Preach girl.

I think Mallrat has been reading all of our diaries.



What else do you need to know about Mallrat?

For starters her name comes from The Orwells song and not the Kevin Smith movie (although I think that song is at least loosely based on the movie). She’s from Brisbane, Australia but is moving to Los Angeles to further her music career In The Sky is really excellent and worth a listen. A big step forward from her debut EP Univitied, whose title I will always believe is a reference to that Alanis Morissette song about Uncle Joey regardless of what anyone says.

Anyhow, be sure to check out In The Sky, specifically on Spotify mobile because it’s got some fantastic visuals to accompany a really great EP.

* Well really Kimya Dawson, but does anyone even know who The Moldy Peaches are anymore? I feel so old...


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