Best New Videos: Mausi "Move"


Even though I no longer live where there are seasons, my body has been conditioned to start missing the summer around mid-October. Today's best music video, Mausi's "Move," is accelerating this mourning.

Based out of New York, Mausi is an electro-pop quartet of Italian and English decent. "Move" is a picture perfect neo-disco jam that makes you wish you actually had rhythm and could go bust-a-move on the nearest dancefloor. This shimmery bit of goodness could make the most hard-hearted, two-leftfoot having motherfluffer on earth want to get down.

It really is that good. Honest.

The official video for "Move" appears to be little more than an avant garde Gap ad. Not there's anything wrong with that. As an affluent white person, I naturally loved it. The scenery is gorgeous, both the landscape shots and the band members themselves. Seriously though, this is one aesthetically pleasing band. Quite handsome. It's a fine video, and god does this song kill.

Watch Mausi "Move" below:

The single for "Move" is available now. You can hear more of Mausi's music over on Soundcloud.  These guys are building towards something big, or at least it feels like they are. Very excited to see what comes next from these cats.

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy, where we're missing summer even more now, thanks to Mausi "Move."