Melvv has come up with something special. The musicmaker, also known as Jeffrey Melvin, first got the industry whispering with electronic covers that are both complex and distinctly immersive. Now, the producer is proving himself with his very own original songs.



“Lifeline” is the Milwaukee native’s greatest production feat yet because it is a truly unique offering. It is young and energetic just like the baby-faced artist. The instrumentation is jingly, sort of sounding like he came across the melody while casually playing with a xylophone. “Lifeline” is the kind of song that, regardless of your mood, will inevitably put a little pep in your step. It’s pure fun on the surface, but when we do take a pause to listen to the lyrics, that’s when we realize its true genius.

This is a song, sung by Dana Williams, about heartbreak—the painful kind of heartbreak: ““Remember when you said that we would last a lifetime / But now I find myself just looking for a lifeline.” Instead of wading in disappointment though, the twosome create something effervescent by acknowledging the agony of it all so they can move on. While most projects that take on heartache wade in disappoint, “Lifeline” conveys the optimistic light at the end of the tunnel. How very refreshing.