Best New Tracks: Mother Falcon - Fireflies


BitCandy are excited to announce the arrival of our free Summer Sampler 2012 download, a collection of 15 must-hear tracks from 15 new artists, all of which were discovered by our amazeballs Curators. To celebrate the launch, over the next two weeks, we will be bringing you a daily breakdown of every track that features on the compilation, which is available for free through BitCandy's Facebook page.

First and foremost - this is NOT an Owl City cover, k? (I mean come on guys, do you SERIOUSLY think we would include that in our Summer Sampler? Who do you think we are, Arjanwrites?)

Rather, “Fireflies” is Austin's Mother Falcon doing what they do best: bridging the gap between quirky indie visions and classical musical prowess in order to cook up an incredibly unique soundscape that will blow both your speakers, and your minds...

“Huh? Classical music, you say?”


Oh, sorry, did we fail to mention that Mother Falcon are a fully-trained sixteen piece fucking ORCHESTRA that happen to rock their classical influences on alterntive folk?

I know, mind blowing, right?!

Oh, and did we ALSO forget to tell you that we signed Mother Falcon to our publishing division last year?

And yes, we are totally smug about that last fact. :).

New Arcade Fire anyone?!

“Fireflies” forms part of BitCandy's Summer Sampler 2012, a 15 track compilation available for free through our Facebook page.



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