Best New Tracks-Mykki Blanco "The Initiation"


What do you call a gay black man from North Carolina posing as a female MC from New York? Mykki Blanco, of course. And what do you call the quasi title-track of Blanco's forthcoming mixtape, Betty Rubble: The Initiation? You call Mykki Blanco's "The Initiation" a best new tracks, naturally.

While everything about Mykki Blanco may scream GIMMICK!?!?!!?, right down to the hyping from Azeilia Banks (zing), this dude/bitch can flow. "The Initiation" is as out-of-left-field as you can get. The beat is an uneasy combination of off-rhythm hi-hats, bunker-style alarms, and electronic pulses. The lyrics are primarily in Latin.

We think it's mesmerizing.

Decide what you think; listen to Mykki Blanco "The Initiation" below:

If you wish to learn more about the extrodianary life of Michael Quatllebaum Jr., check out this Village Voice piece. Betty Rubble: The Initiation is due to drop at any moment. We''ll let you know when it does.

Alright, now it's your turn.

What did you think of Mykki Blanco's "The Initiation"?

Is Blanco legit, of just a gimmicky attention-whore? 

Did Ru Paul ruin drag for everybody else (much like Ron Paul ruined Libertarianism)?

What does Ron Paul thinks about Mykki Blanco?

Are you looking forward to "Betty Rubble", or are you waiting for thePitchfork rating before you decided?