Neon Jungle "Trouble (Monsieur Adi Remix)"


What do you make of a remix that beats the single to the ears of the consumer? Puzzling, obviously. But in the case of Monsieur Adi remix of yet-to-be-released single by new UK girlband Neon Jungle, "Trouble," it's also a best new track

We'll explain all of this eventually, but first listen to Neon Jungle "Trouble (Monsieur Adi Remix)" below:

We've covered Monsier Adi around these parts before, so we'll assume he needs no introduction.

Neon Jungle on the other hand, it's a lot tougher to tell just who in the fuck they are. Seemingly forged overnight in the bowels of some non-descript RCA building in London, the all-girl quartet is set to unleash their debut, Trouble on the world on September 1st. Seeing as how all the members of the group are very attractive and the remix is very catchy, we suspect it'll do quite well.

Still seeing a remix disambiguated from a song in this way is slightly disconcerting, but we'll get over that in time.

Check out some demos of Neon Jungle's over on Soundcloud.

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