Best New Tracks: No Doubt "Settle Down"


Like so many bands before them, No Doubt's last record, 2001's Rock Steady, was more of a showcase for their lead singer who was about to embark on highly successful solo career, than it was a reflection of the band's overall sound. Now perhaps it's just creeping determinism, but Gwen Stefani always seemed bigger than No Doubt, and her solo career certainly proved that to be the case.

Nonetheless, the band decided to get back together and give it another go round. This week they released their first single, "Settle Down," in over a decade. And while time will tell whether or not it's one of the Best Songs 2012, we've decided to feature it here for you.

Check out the official video below:


In many ways this video feels like an analogy for the band's entire existence. There they all are playing on stage together, only to have Gwen jump off said stage, taking all the crowds attention with her. Stefani is clearly the star here and no one in the band has ever seemed to have a problem with that. They allow her voice to carry this song that is destined to spend the summer being played to death on every radio station.

"Settle Down" feels like more of a return to ska-centric form, ala "Sunday Morning" and "Just a Girl," than anything off Rock Steady. And maybe we're just being nostalgic, but we think that's a good thing.

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