Best New Tracks: !!! "One Girl/One Boy"


Indie lifers !!! (pronounced chkchkchk for you noobs) put out their fifth studio album this year, the perhaps redundantly-titled "TH!!!ER", and it's full of the sort of bright electronica pop that has been their calling card for the past decade plus. One song in particular caught our ear, the best new track "One Girl/One Boy."

You'll never guess what "One Girl/One Boy" is about… OK, that's a lie. You already know what it's about. This song is not subtle. It knows what it is and does not apologize for it. This is that funky summer dance track you've been waiting for.

Or perhaps it's only us who's been waiting. You'll have to let us know.

Checkout the official video for !!! "One Girl/One Boy" below:

!!! TH!!!ER is out now, via Warp Records.

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