As I repeatedly listened to “Comatose” by the mysterious new duo OutsideOUTSIDE, it reminded me of an anecdote from Emotional Intelligence about how falling in love triggers the same parts of the brain as taking hallucinogens. You read that correctly. Being in love and tripping on LSD are one in the same.

It’s perhaps more complicated than that, but the underlying fact remains that love is more or less a drug, as the cliche goes. And drug use can often become unhealthy, like love. “Comatose” is a jarring reminder of this fact, juxtaposing chemical addiction with a destructive relationship neither party can seem to move on from despite both recognizing its harmfulness.

And while the song is really great, it should be noted hallucinogens like LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, Ayahuasca, etc., are generally not considered addictive.

Love on the other hand, is a highly addictive motherfucker that’ll take you for everything you’ve got and leave you penniless in the streets, desperate for your next fix.



I’m not quite sure what to call this music besides electro emo. The male vocals sound to me like post-2000 Tom De Long, which is the template for masculine emo vocals this millenium. The female vox sound more PC Pop than angsty, but let’s not shit ourselves here folks.

Sure the musical backdrop feels like a better fit for a song on Spotify’s “Sad Chill Jams” playlists than a Taking Back Sunday track, but I know an emo ballad when I hear one and your modern production wizardry can’t fool me. Besides, addiction, depression, and dysfunctional relationships are the holy trinity of emo music. And if you can listen to “Comatose” and tell me it’s about anything other than those subjects, your comprehension skills are shit. No offense.

Anyways, the blending of genres from alternative rock, electro pop, and R&B is what makes this song so enticing and re-listenable. Much like OutsideOUTSIDE’s debut single (which we sufficiently covered for you back in February), this track feels like the start of something great. This could legitimately be a paradigm shifter, and I for one am extremely here for music's Sad Punk Meets Electro Pop phaze.

Let’s make this happen everyone. Lead the way OutsideOUTSIDE, whoever the hell you are.  

We’ll leave you with the lyric video to “Comatose” and silent prayer that they put out more music soon.




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