Listen: Paper Lions - "Lost The War"


BitCandy just released our Summer Sampler 2012, which are 15 tracks hand picked by our Curators (HINT: That can be you!). To mark the event, we'll be bringing you a daily taste of the Summer Sampler...or you can pick up all 15 tracks right now for free download here via BitCandy's Facebook page.  (Oh, and we were cool and got permission from every artist btw :) 

So on to today's track...can ya stomach tolerate more Canadians composing guitar-driven indie-pop (hehe)?

Then check Paper Lions the fuck out, y'all!

And yeah, we know it's like 2 years old but so what.  It's great.  Or you could listen to another whiffle bat of an indie song at Sterogum or something that came out in the last 5 minutes from some Bros in Bedrooms.

Anyway, this Prince Edward Island quartet are reminding us of Phantom Planet's better days, and would have totez been sound tracking The O.C. had it still existed (and had Mischa Barton laid off the blow)!

Alas, the Soapnet re-runs will do. But we digress!

Tune into Paper Lions' summer bonanza, "Lost the War" if you, like us, are an almighty sucker for jingly indie jammer jammers (go anthem banana) about, uh, larceny!

Taken from Paper Lions' EP, Trophies. 


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