Best Tracks: Poliça "Tiff featuring Justin Vernon"


Minnesota alt rock/R&B duo Poliça have a new full length coming out this fall, Shulamith, and it appears the first bit of press for it comes in the form of a remix from The Weeknd producer, Doc McKinney.

McKinny edited the standout cut Poliça did with Justin Vernon, "Tiff," and it's quite obviously a best new track. He makes it more fluid, and a little darker. He even adds a little trap for kicks and giggles.

Maybe it's better than the original, maybe it's not. You decide.

Listen to Poliça "Tiff featuring Justin Vernon (Doc McKinney Remix)" below:

The grimier original is below for you juxtapositioning pleasure:

Shulamith is out October 22nd via Mom + Pop.

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