Without missing a step Atlanta rapper Pollari releases yet another ambitious fire of a track featuring Lil Peep. Produced by Brobak, “Fantasy” carries an addictive beat that will be sure to leave listeners in a hazy state of mind crying out for more, much like the ladies on the song’s artwork.

Brobak lays out a gorgeous lush production that syncs perfectly with the vocals and sweet romantic lyrics like: Every time you call on me /I'll be your fantasy, I (I'll be your fantasy, I) and the one about Pollari as the quiet type: Got love in my gun/ Back of the club/ I don't talk much/ Ay.  Yes, indeed this does sound like a fantasy, a fantasy that is not to be taken seriously. It’s all just fun and games.



All seriousness though, Pollari leads the way in experimenting with elements that break through the barriers of rap. Those skeptics should take a trip over to the artist’s SoundCloud page to get a better idea of what I mean, because believe it or not Pollari is barely scratching the surface. There is so much more waiting to explode.

If you’re not into Pollari yet, it’s time you start paying attention.


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