In 2016, new artist QUINN XCII released his EP, Bloom, and now he’s back with his new single, "Straightjacket." It’s a catchy and very bouncy track that will put a little pep in your step! It would fit in nicely on pop radio, which makes us think that 2017 is going to be a good year for this Michigan native.

“Straightjacket” is packed with bubbly production, bouncing synths, and his distinct vocals that make me think this is what it would sound like if Adam Levine and Twenty One Pilots blended into the same person. The song is about calling people out for being fake, which leads to playful and memorable lyrics that you can’t help but become stuck in your head.




She's a psycho from a Midwest suburb
No straightjacket could hold her
Wild eyes, they would lure me in her trap
I go mad just to hold her

Until I noticed that something was strange
Out of my range, there was no way back
Something went off in my brain
She was insane, here she goes again
A psycho from a Midwest suburb
I woke up and I told her

You won't know me when the feelings all gone
And I tell everyone
And the look on your face will slowly come undone
'Cause it was all a front
And quietly, I say it to your face
That you will need to find another place to stay
And no you won't know me when the feelings all gone
And I tell everyone, ay

She's a loose cannon with a temper, so absurd
Hiding from the police, yeah
Took pills with the name I'd never heard
But they were for sleep, she fooled me

And I tell everyone
And I tell everyone
And I tell everyone
And I tell everyone


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