Best New Tracks: So Many Wizards - Inner City


Hey you! Yes you! Have you downloaded BitCandy's Summer Sampler 2012 yet? No? Well what are you waiting for?! 15 cutting edge indie, electro and alternative pop cuts -- all chosen by our super sexy Curators (btw, you can be one of those too, find out how here!) -- are currently awaiting you for FREE over at our Facebook page.

One of those cuts comes from our new favorite California quartet, So Many Wizards. And hello, what a cool band name! There can NEVER be enough wizards, right? Especially if they all look like Emma Watson <3 (oh, but this is a band of four bros, you say? Shit!).

As well as their name, we are also crushing on So Many Wizard's madcap indie pop, which we think measures up like an extra pretty Animal Collective. So if that sounds like your bottle of Butterbeer, check out the beautifully bat crazy “Inner City,” below.


Oh... and did we mention “Inner City” is one of 15 tracks to feature on our Summer Sampler 2012, available for free (yes free!) over at Facebook? We did? Oops... 


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