Best New Tracks: South Central "Hollywood EP"


South Central, the groundbreaking DJ duo from Brighton, is all set to release their Latest New Songs this November with the Hollywood EP.

South Central, comprised of two hooded gentleman who go by the names Rob and Keith, recently offered us a lil' sneak peak of the EP on their soundcloud page. Most of the tracks are plays off of Hollywood blockbusters.

Listen below for some of the most gnarly, bass heavy, out-of-leftfield dubsteb you'll find anywhere.


"Jaw Drop"


"Bass Monster"

Hollywood EP is due out November 13th from the fine folks over at Dim Mak Records. Pick it up.. Ah who am I kidding, no one buys music anymore.

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy's Blogs On Music, where we're hoping the hooded look makes a (peaceful, no-bigoted) comeback.


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