British rapper Stormzy channels his inner-Drake with his version of “4PM In Calabasas” called “4PM In London.” Grab your hoodie and put on the headphones. This next We Are: The Guard recommendation should be listened to loud and proud.



soundcloud Purveyor of hip hop and British-born genre of Grime music, Stormzy is a UK-based artist with plenty of fanfare regarding his body of work. Winning such awards as Best Grime Act at the 2014 and 2015 MOBO Awards and Solo Artist of The Year provided by GQ Magazine as well as being the first unsigned grime artist to be nominated for a BET Award. His first album Gang Signs and Prayer topped the UK charts and acquired Gold status with over 200,000 copies sold.

Stromzy’s newest drop “4PM In London” is a rehash of Drake's “4PM In Calabasas” and contains a smidge of Puff Daddy's “Can't Nobody Hold Me Down” and a copious amount of Stormzy's aggressive and lethal rhyme delivery with that unmistakable South London twang. Unlike Drake's rendition where it falls into the comfortable wheelhouse of his poppy hip hop style, Stormzy's twist is heavy and as coarse as 100-grit sandpaper. Same instrumentals, same setup, but the ending result is totally different. Even his video, which features the visual direction of Kaylum Dennis, is done in a pitch black background with Stormzy dropping rhymes in a black hoodie. It’s simple and effective with no outside distractions.