Super Mash Bros - Young Gelt Cash Billionaires


Holy crapola, Batman! We sure are excited about our Summer Sampler 2012! Bursting fullah indie, electro and alt pop New Music Tracks (all hand picked by BitCandy Curators yo!), you can download the compilation for free over at our Facebook page right NOW!

Today, we bring you another taster from Summer Sampler 2012 in the form of our favorite mash up artists, like, ever – SUPER MASH BROS! (They are so awesome, they deserve to be introduced in CAPS!)

While other producers grow increasingly pretentious and plain snore inducing, Super Mash Bros are all about putting the F-U-N back in mashing!

Young Gelt Cash Billionaires” is a BitCandy's personal fav from the Bros. It (some-fucking-how) fuses Gwen Stafani, Moby, Eminem and more into one ridiculously unpredictable banger that will set your party (and maybe even your pants) on fire!

This shit really is bananas, Gwen!


PS, don't forget to go grab our free Summer Sampler 2012, which features “Young Gelt Cash Billionaires” and 14 other killer New Music Tracks, over at our Facebook page right now!


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