Haven’t heard Syd’s critically acclaimed solo album, Fin, yet? First of all, what’s wrong with you? Okay, okay.. I forgive you. Plus, though the album has been out for over a month and a half now, the Internet’s super cool singer Syd has only barely revealed her favorite song off the album -- and it wasn’t even on it. “Treading Water,” an unreleased track off Fin never made it on the tracklist, and We Are: The Guard think that’s a damn shame. Listen below.



Syd sounds like a forlorn seductress crooning over an equally mellow beat. The grooviness of the tune makes me think I’m in the middle of a beatnik poetry session, and Syd’s voice is sending my snapping fingers up over my head in a blaze. The heady vibes of “Treading Water” still exudes soul, as per usual with Syd. Soft, sensual, and gravitating -- It’s a little baffling why this song didn’t make the cut for the album.

The cherry on top of “Treading Water” is the little hook that sums up what this track is all about: putting out. “Two times for the guys that wait” she sings. On a deeper level, I love the interpretation of having this song sum up the problems of modern dating; waiting around for a couple days and playing the ridiculous cat-and-mouse game of “will they or won’t they text me?” It’s a real epidemic out there, guys, and someone has finally spoken out about it. Syd is the voice of our generation.

Syd’s debut solo album Fin is out now, and her newly unreleased track “Treading Water” has me putting the album back on deck this weekend. I suggest you all do the same.