Holy freeeeeak! Talk about a blast from the past (I guess this is where my age really shows). Alternative indie band take on a 90s cult favorite track, “Born Slippy.” Originally released by British band Underworld as a B-side, the song gained popularity with the not so very well known movie “Trainspotting”...twenty-two years later and we now have this....(this is where you click on the play button below).



Chills. Nothing but chills and all day smiles is the effect washed upon you after several sober listens of this cover.  To take something so precious out of the 90s generation and lay it out with much beauty and respect  just adds brownie points to the many reasons why Ten Fe is just f**ing cool.

What a great way to end the year and ring in new material. For all you current and future Ten Fe fans, the band’s debut album “Hit The Light” is set to be released on February 3rd,  2017 via SOME KINDA LOVE.

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to bust out my VCR and watch me some “Trainspotting.” I highly suggest you all do the same at some point in your lifetime.


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