Ty Dolla $ign has teamed with Travis Scott on his hot new track, “3 Wayz.” “3 Wayz” is the fourth single off of his upcoming mixtape Campaign, and we here at BitCandy are totally into it. Who would’ve known they could make being up to no good sound so…nice?

It’s an appropriately drowsy and easy going track with an infectiously hypnotic feel, that features lyrics about wanting to do completely nothing but party and make money: “making money moves off the laptop / codeine, codeine, codeine/ no prescriptions here” and of course, “we like to party on the weekday/ and everything I do I do it three ways.” The slow-grooving track slowly picks up in energy (while still managing to keep its awesomely sleepy feel) about half way through its duration as the ticking and winding beat takes on a warm and calming vibe, while delicate and airy electronics mixed with distorted bass keep you totally hooked. After the 3:10 mark, distorted synths and fuzzed out beats ease you over to the track’s appropriately warped ending. It’s simply an awesome track that is absolutely perfect for kicking back and enjoying some downtime with your friends.

Campaign is out on September 23rd and we seriously cannot wait!

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