Best New Track: Typhoon "Young Fathers"


Ten unique humans make up Portland's Typhoon, and all 10 add their own unique twist to best new track, "Young Fathers."Now several bands have touted a high number of members before, but Typhoon seems to be the first that actually makes use of all of them.  With a wide array of tempo changes and turns, each song seemingly has several sections, which augment a different part/sound of the band.

"Young Fathers" is the second single off the band's forthcoming album, White Lighter. The track starts as a muted acoustic piece, but quickly morphs into a full-scale sing-a-long rocker, coming at you in several swirling layers of instruments. A musical typhoon if you will. Actually please don't, that's just awful.

Just listen to Typhoon "Young Fathers" below:

"Young Fathers" is out now. Pick it up over at iTunes. White Lighter is the third full-length from Typhoon and it'll be out August 20th via Roll Call Records.

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