Best New Tracks: Yes Yes - Moksha


One of the greatest lies rappers ever sold the world is that free styling is all impromptu. Even though some of the verses spit in free-style raps is obviously rehearsed, and yet the perceived spontaneity makes for a more entertaining product. So maybe it isn't such a bad lie after all.

Speaking of perceived spontaneity, today's Latest New Songs is a spawling, wonderful from Mike Ersing, the band behind Yes Yes. And due credit goes to a new Curator on deck who turned us on to Yes Yes, Peter C.

Listen to the insane, mystifying, and wholly mesmerizing "Moksha" below.  


Yes Yes "Moskha"


For those of you who haven't already gone to Wikipedia, let me save you some time. Moksha, which literally translates to 'to let loose, let go', is the final extrication of the soul or consciousness in Indian religion. Seems pretty fitting for this song. 

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