Millions of people have been hit by crap storms. Not the literal crap, I’m talking about that dark clouds, the feeling of hopelessness, the stress brought upon our inability to logically balance our anxieties. For some, troubles are only a drizzle, for others, the list is longer than a CVS receipt. We go to bed only to wake up and repeat the entire process ... feeling like we’re slowly losing ourselves. If you can relate we’ve got here for you today a hefty dose of good vibes that will get you back to feeling like a champ thanks to the up and coming indie trio Half Alive. But first ...

Half Alive came on to the scene late last year with three very well received tracks. “The Fall,” “Aawake At Night,” and “Tip Toes” have collected millions of streams on Spotify, and have converted listeners in to fans all thanks to their transparent lyrics and playful backdrops. Being that they seem to have unlocked the key to creating a successful hit track, they return this month with what sounds to be the most upbeat and dance worthy track in their repertoire. “Still Feel” will make you feel human again, if not by the lyrics, then the video will be sure to do the trick.



The band uses a depressive color scheme as the opening to bring the lyrics to life. The burning yellow animates “When I'm furthest from myself / Feeling closer to the stars / I've been invaded by the dark.”  But as the song progresses the visual mood shifts to match the hope found in “I am not a slave, can't be contained / So pick me from the dark and pull me from the grave/ 'Cause I still feel alive.”

And talk about the slick moves that the guys are bringing. How could you not smile at three fly guys working it. Heck, they make Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” dance routine seem weak. But I won’t say more than I should because I would hate to add to my list of people who are out looking for me.

While I’m busy watching my back and trying to learn these new dance moves, you guys are free to enjoy the heck out of this stellar video brought to you by today’s favorite band Half Alive.


Beca Arredondo is easily unamused with all things not related to her interests. On her good days you can catch her avoiding the California sun and glued to her Mac plotting the next big thing. If you happen to run into her on the street and notice her wearing headphones do NOT disturb her. She is not responsible for any possible damage. Aside from the above she's very sweet and perky and responds well to good music and food.