Best New Video: Matt & Kim "Now"



Today's <a href="">Latest New Songs</a>  is actually a video. The OFFICIAL video for "Now", the  second single off Matt & Kim's fourth studio album "Lightning".

Much like the first single "Let's Go", which Bitcandy brought you back in June, "Now" is a hook-heavy pop song that will get stuck in your head in the best way possible.  In the words of Matt & Kim apparently they have given up writing "songs" and upped the ante to "anthems."  Nicely played, M'aam & Sir.  Nicely played.

However, there's a catch. This video can literally trigger seizures, I shit you not. So if that is an issue for you, click here {} to stream the audio only version. If you're one of those pricks who doesn't have seizures, check out the video below.


You can download "Now" for free here {}

"Lightning" is out October 2nd via Fader Label.

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