Dark pop duo, or more specifically, funeral pop duo MXMS, do not mind diving deep into the innermost feelings of the heart and declaring bold empowerment as they establish themselves as a talent that is far from the norm with their single “Gravedigger.” Originally released in October 2018, the single receives a stunning visual today to match the grievous warning tone that pulses throughout the threatening cry of lead singer Ariel Levitan’s voice.

Ariel Levitan and Jeremy Dawson have surprised the internet on a global scale by boldly warning potential suitors to behave or suffer the consequences from the Gravedigger, who is brought to life by Levitan.

Directed by Israel Anthem, “Gravedigger” puts Levitan front and center as she ominously strolls through what seems to be a grapefruit orchard serving to be a perfect place to bury those who have used and abused of her. What better way to represent these characters than by dancing pigs and bulls who eventually come to their ends by the wrath of self-empowerment.



Despite its grim sound, the single serves to be a statement of empowerment which is vividly represented by the biting and tearing of the grapefruit. Levitan tells BlackBook, “The ravaging of the grapefruit represents primal instinct as well as carnal desires and reclaiming my power and individuality- which had been diluted and suppressed for so long.”

Their sound is becoming very specific, one that will eventually make it’s way better known in the world of pop and to those seeking to find something thrilling.

Don’t miss a single beat from MXMS. For more on the duo follow them on Spotify.


I think its a good idea if you stay the fuck away from me

I'm a gravedigger
I'm a gravedigger
Imma Imma gravedigger

Six deep swim with fish
floating on the river
You're going on a devil dance
do the Macarena
black on my eyes
and they cold as a cadaver
I’m immortal motherfucker
can't see me in the mirror

Crown on my head
and the thorns on my mind
Blade in the flesh
and you drinkin' my wine
I kiss you, disappear you,
and I keep it a secret...
I know you wanna fuck me
and you'll never forget it


I'm a gravedigger

on site

I dig you...i dig you up

Hunk in the trunk
there's an amber alert
pull behind the mausoleum
in the back of the church
I’m immortal motherfucker
and I hang in a cave
I'm the girl your fucking over
etchin' your name and your days

Everybody wants pretty girls they say
nobody knows pretty girls make graves

Got you on a skewer
so you crackle and pop
I’m not gonna stop
till the box drops

I’m a gravedigger
Imma Imma gravedigger
Imma Imma gravedigger


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