Best New Video: Porter Robinson "Language"


Back in April, we brought Porter Robinson's latest Opus, "Language," in our Latest New Music section.


No one has ever told me what drugs you need to be on to enjoy EDM, but I think the answer lies somewhere in this video. Seriously though, I'm not sure what we just watched, but it was mesmerizing. I mean, was that a trailer for Hunger Games 2 (yes I know that's not the actual title of the second Hunger Games book, but I have)?

It's interesting to see how this song holds its form despite seeing its time cut in half. Porter has always had a flair for pop, and it shows here when "Language" is stripped down to its essence.

Porter Robinson's Language EP does not yet have a release date in the US, but you peeps in the U.K. can pick it up August 12th.

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy's Blogs On Music, where we're going to go search for the transparent giant thing's body. 


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