Best New Videos: Bonobo "Cirrus"


Multi-talented British chap, Simon Green (you most likely know him by his moniker Bonobo), is putting out a new record this April. This new record, entitled The Northern Borders, now has a first single and one of the best new videos on the blogoshpere: "Cirrus."

"Cirrus" is a whimsical, layered track that can accurately be described by the most over-used word of this (or possibly any) era: chill. The video is a series of transfixing clips from what I can only assume is the 1950's (or earlier) that are meshed together in such a way that they'll either entice or frighten you. Suffice to say, it's eliciting some form of a reaction from you. Anyhow, it was done by the cats over at Cyriak.

Check it out below:

You can download "Cirrus" for free at Bonobo's official site. You also pre-order The North Borders there or over at Ninja Shop. Regardless of how you obtain it, if you do so legally you'll have to wait til April 1st (UK) or 2nd (North America).

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