Best New Videos: Crystal Castles "Sad Eyes"


Way back in July we told you about Crystal Castles' penchant for making bleak songs, and apparently their videos are in the same vein. As today's best new videos post shows, their videos are every bit as eerie and morbid as the songs from which they're drawn.

"Sad Eyes" is one of the highlights off Crystal Castles latest record, (III), and not, as I had hoped, a cover of the Josh Rouse track of the same name.

The official video (which you can find below) is a condensed version of the song, and is a combination of footage from the band's strobe-light overloaded live shows and a bunch of other creepy images whose main purposes seems to be to get you to pee your pants. There's no sense in trying to explain the accompanying imagery, just watch it yourself.

I'm really not sure what lead singer Alice Glass was doing with those dolls. Perhaps it's best that way…

(III) is out now via Casablanca / Polydor.

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