Die Antwoord "Fatty Boom Boom"


You could make the argument that South African provocateurs Die Antwoord exist solely to make music videos. The only reason anyone knows about them is because of "Enter the Ninja," and it's not like their last album was any good.

Thankfully the band is back to doing what they do best, as this week they released the official video for one of the few highlights off Ten$ion, the ravenous "Fatty Boom Boom."

Check it out below:

You have the usual blend of humor and WTF-ness that has come to be Die Antwoord's calling card. I'm not sure if I want to join their party, or call the local authorities. They seem to perfectly walk the line between comedy and nightmare fuel. It's actually quite an impressive balancing act if you think about it.

The blond 'pop star' in this video is supposed to represent Lady Gaga, with whom the band has an ongoing feud. Can't wait to hear/see what the Monster's response will be.

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