Best Music Videos: j.viewz - Far Too Close


Oh, do I have a double dose of good news for you. Grammy nominated producer Jonathan Dagen, a.k.a j.viewz, is not only releasing an EP filled with ‘Far Too Close’ remixes, he’s also releasing today’s best new video to go along with the original track.  And you lucky listeners/viewers are about to re-live the signature sound, look, and feel of the ‘80s. The video’s tribute to Footloose and Back To The Future might make you a bit nostalgic for the days of big hair and tight faded jeans. I’m sure Kevin Bacon would be proud and a bit jealous, watch below:


j.viewz - Far Too Close

In the case with ‘Far Too Close,” like with most things from the 80’s, the sound is a bit over the top, and we love it. And it makes sense after finding out that j.viewz was just trying to re-create a childhood experience and over-the-top elements of songs like 'Take On Me.'

The upbeat track that plays with both nostalgia and youth has been revamped by several producers including Pegboard Nerds. The remixes, along with a brand spankin’ new song, ‘Holding Map,’ will be included in the new EP, Far Too Close Remixes.

Make sure to grab your copy July 2nd, 2013. In the meantime, grab your free download of the single. Oh and one more thing, enjoy a teaser of j.viewz dancing to the Pegboard Nerds’ remix, it’s pretty classic.


j.viewz - Far Too Close (Pegboard Nerds Remix) *Teaser*

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