What’s the deal with this Leon Else guy? And can we figure out why he’s always making the best new videos?

“Dance,” the latest single from the British singer, is an infectious bit of 80s-inspired synth pop. But the real star here is not Else’s voice or lyrics, but his incredibly swift feet. Using a minimalist set and dramatic lighting, Else ratchets up the tension and accentuates his every move for an emotionally cathartic sequence that is truly jaw dropping.

I could say more, but no words could do you justice to the visuals on display here. Just watch the damn video.



Ultimately this video reminds me of that hilarious “Beer Goggles” scene from Beer Fest. Not because I’m a closeted bro (though I am), but because Else dances like I envision myself dancing, be it at the club, house party, or alone in my room. In reality my moves are far closer to Elaine Benis trying to dance like the guy from the “Lonely Boy” video.

Anyhow, Leon Else “Dance” is out for streaming or purchase as a single. Also don't forget to check out Leon's debut EP, River Full of Liquor.


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