Best New Videos: St. Lucia "September"


Way back in, you guessed it, September we told you about the song St. Lucia had written about the month.  Well it is now December, which we only know because everyone is releasing their year-end mixes, and the Brooklynites have finally gotten around to making a video for this stand-out track.

The video's imagery adequately matches the dreamy, soaring feel the song has. It's really a lovely thing to behold.

Check out the official video for "September" below:

Whether or not this whole thing is some sort of Cyberpunk version of A Lion, A Witch, and A Wardrobe is unknown at the time of writing.

St. Lucia's September EP is out now. In fact, it's been out since (wait for it…) September.

Such a crazy world we live in.

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