Best Indie Music Videos - Week 16 2013


As we wait for this week from terrorist and plant explosion hell to be over with already, BitCandy munchers among us, never fear, we've corralled a freak show of diversions to chew into here on this weeks best indie music videos. From girls on trampolines to stop-motion eyegasms soothed by Iron and Wine's sexual chocolate smooth blend of folk, we give you 2013's 16th week of the best videos the 'Tube has to offer.


Basement Jaxx - 'Back 2 the Wild'

Can't argue with getting naked. Or wild for that matter. How the rest of this Starburst-meets-Moonbeam adventure fits that sentiment is something for you, dear tripped out mind, to judge. Get your ass to the jungle and let the nature in, we suppose.


Indians - 'I am Haunted'

We can't tell who's being tortured, this gold-panted young man, or this pan-or-bust director. Either way, someone needs to tape this woman's eyelids open and stick in her in front of a Zero Dark Thirty loop stat. Torture ain't cool, lady - it demeans us all.


DIIV - 'Doused'

Let this be a lesson to you, model-building dweebs: girls dig rock shows, not figurines. Now go play some damn music.


Niva - 'The Boy From the Sun'

Could do without the baby yelps in this teen dream trampoline fantasy. But nevertheless, this pop loop forever and ever and ever and ever, now please.


Wave Machines - 'Ill Fit'

Time-lapse kaleidoscopic jams, complete with what we've suspected for years - that all these man-made towers and buildings have dance parties in the sky when we're not looking. Sometimes trees, too.


Surfer Blood - 'Demon Dance'

Dream big, fake-cop, that MILF'll be yours if you wake the fuck up and stop sleeping, you lazy turd. Also, Surfer Blood, when did you become Weezer?


The Chemical Brothers - 'Hey Boy Hey Girl'

The trip-bone's connected to the rave bone. Maybe this girl should have been a surgeon?

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Iron and Wine - 'Joy'

Where in the world are there butterflies that explode with colors like this? There are so many stop-motion eyegasms in this video, Sam Beam's folk-swoon almost get shadowed. Photo-nerds, bottle this into an Instagram form and charge us a dollar.


The Flaming Lips - 'Try to Explain'

Still not satisfied propelling himself into crowd via bubble, Wayne Coyne brings the bubble to you! Thank you for making psych rock terrifyingly beautiful, you crazy Okie.


Major Lazer - 'Watch Out for This (Bumaye)'

Kingston ain't all jizzoints and Marley love, friends. There are booty-dropping moves being incubated in Jamaica that the world quite simply is just not ready for yet.


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - 'Can't Hold Us'

We knew all that thrift shop tag-poppin' was just a front for his renegade hipster pirate gang. People! You see what you're funding when you buy Macklemore records? Piracy. Hipster piracy.


Diversions aside, though. How the hell has this 19-year-old asshole, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, evaded cops for near 24 hours now? Hopefully that will be answered before we see you again next week.