Best Music Videos - 10 Favs (Week 17) 2013


Asian soap-operas, cosmic monkeys, the most elaborate way to present a tuna melt ever, emo balaclava terrorism, psycho hipster qu'est-ce que c'est, fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better than any other week, my dear BitCandy munchers, we give you crop 17 in the best videos to grace the internet. Your eyes will melt. Your ears will bleed. But you'll be smiling. Enjoy.


A-Trak & Tommy Trash - 'Tuna Melt'

Please trigger a coffee machine, please trigger a coffee machine. Damn - tuna melt. Still the best Rube Goldberg machine ever, bathtub submarine and all.


Tommy Trash - 'Monkey See Monkey Do'

Some creative DJ monkey theft going on the way of Mr. Oizo fans, but quite frankly, there ain't enough plush monkey adventures out there, especially intergalactic space jams like so. God(light)speed, space monkey, may you live to DJ another day.


Muse - 'Panic Station'

Explain Muse, how giant woman chairs with motorized breasts have anything to do with 'panic'. Yes, we see the monsters and ladymen. But titty chairs, dudes. Titty chairs.

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Twenty One Pilots - 'Car Radio'

Do you see what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass? Emo balaclava terrorism. Hope you get your car radio back, brother.


Flume - 'More Than You Thought'

Some serious surround sound right here. Kind of puts the Maxell dude to some serious - finally - shame.


Phoenix - 'Entertainment'

Plagued with insurmountable guilt over ubiquitous orient riff-aping, Phoenix lace their new earworm around the most epic Asian soap-opera of a music video dudes from France will probably ever be capable of.


Mr. Oizo - 'Flat Beat'

The original space monkey, with no need to go to space, just eating sausages, headbanging and signing papers like a BOSS. Just slightly different than a day in the BitCandy offices. Our secretaries aren't as hot.


Thee Oh Sees - 'Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster'

Live by the soup can, die by the soup can. Also, who taught you how to lift a body, psycho-hipster? Legs, buddy, legs. Protect the back.


Bonobo - 'First Fires'

One way to ruin a perfectly good Volvo. Relationships will be the death of us all.


Muse - 'Animals'

Tricky ass pod people figured out a way to fix national debt, by meat-grinding suits for cash! Kind of. Evil always loses, we're told.


Mr. Little Jeans - 'Oh Sailor'

Finally, a practical use for Olympic Ribbon twirling. Majestic. Bedsheets - never would have thought.

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Alex Gaudino ft. Taboo - 'I Don't Wanna Dance - Work it Kitty'

The internet is a magical thing, friends. If you needed another reason why cats are going to take over the world -> exhibit #156.


MNDR - 'Faster Horses'

Hell yeah, girl, ride that cosmic horse. Are those headphones? You put headphones on your horse. Yes. Yes you did. You are fantastic. And we wish you forever evasion from cryptic sandpeople chases.


Jon Hopkins - 'Open Eye Signal'

It's quite simple, children born after the Nintendo era, skate, or motherfuckin' die. This kid chose to skate.


Rich Aucoin - 'It'

Not bad, Rich Aucoin, not bad - some sweet Swede music video treatment with a mighty anthemic heart-tug chorus. Mining pop culture is a skill.

Okay, focus back now y'all - titty chair. How, where, when, now and how much would you pay for a ride before we can steal the tech from the Japanese?