Best of Electro! - 12 Filtered Tracks



Hello and welcome back to another installment of the top dance songs brought to you by your favorite worldwide music filter, I, Uncle Flex, and the main man Glitch have been like Caesar and Pompey, cutting through the swaths of lesser music to bring you the best, but with less backstabbing and political posturing. 



We have a very diverse lineup this week, from the more mellow jams to some disco grooves all the way to the electro blowouts. Check out some of the featured tunes from artists you’ve probably never listened to and make sure to look out for free downloads! 



Noisia & The Upbeats - Dustup





Noisia destroys.  As usual. 


F.O.O.L - SaharA (128kbps)





This is a Glitch pick, but it was Uncle Flex who turned me on to Fuck Our Ordinary Lives...thanks, bro!







Obviously this one is age restricted.  Wow. 


Yung Skeeter - Stand Again (Solidisco Remix)



Solidisco bringing the funkiddywhaaaaat to our ears once more. He gets that tone that lies somewhere between the brown note and the bassline that will make you dance. Follow the link to soundcloud for a FREE DOWNLOAD!


Deadmau5 feat Chris James - The Veldt (Tommy Trash Remix)



New Tommy Trash remix of DeadMau5. Not as subdued as the original, but it still has a certain lightness to it.



Deadmau5 - The Veldt (Project 46 Happy Technology Pancake Remix)






Arty - Open Space





Nice build to a smooth beat drop. This is a clip from the new Arty track that we’re really looking forward to at bitcandy. Look for it on June 18th, MMXII. 



Congorock - Ivory (Laidback Luke Edit)






Cyberpunkers - Dungeon (Far Too Loud remix)





You know’s never too loud for Far Too Loud



Van She - Idea Of Happiness (SebastiAn Remix)






Brodinski Feat. Louisahhh! - Let The Beat Control Your Body





Brodinski is one of the artists that I’m most excited to see at Hard Summer. A few weeks ago we brought you his dark remix of Sebastien Tellier’s Cochon Ville here on a previous Best Of Electro installment.






Ohh talk dirty to me! 


Ok raver boys and girls..that wraps it up for this week’s installment of the top dance songs. Love it or leave it? Tell us what you think below! Repost and share the love of bitcandy. Have an artist you think we should know about? Submit it to become a curator. Until next time - keep listening to the good stuff!


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