Best of Weekly Electro! 9 Bangers


Greetings readers. Once again it is I, Uncle Flex, and Glitch, harnessing the powers of the music filter that is to bring you more of top dance songs from around the internet.

Not being ones to discriminate, we’re bringing music from whatever subgenre of EDM that pleases. This week we’ll take you from D&B, to house, to some dark dubstep, and back, hopefully all in one piece. Remember to keep your hands inside the bus.

Also, check out this article from A-Trak on the ever-changing ways of DJs.


Justice - New Lands ( TKNIK remix ) [teaser]

That Frency TKNIK is such a tease giving us just this teaser of his fellow countrymen, Justice’s track “New Lands.”


Far Too Loud - 600 Years 

Far Too Loud... never disappoints.


Die Antwoord - Fok Julle Naaiers (NERO Bootleg)

I am undecided as to whether or not I like this. However, it’s an interesting (read eerie/dark) enough ditty, so give it a try; maybe it will be your thing. Or maybe it will make you want to claw your eyes out, not that clawing your eyes out would remedy the noise, or really accomplish anything useful.


Neoteric & Wax Motif - Go Deep (Torro Torro Remix)


Final DJs - Just Be Free

A bit more mellow than what we usually feature. This nudisco, pad heavy track offers a cool wash with a good vocal sample.


Udachi "Put Down De Gun" NAPT Remix

We brought you the power of NAPT about a month ago with his tracks “Tom-Toms” and “Italian Spiderman.” Now it’s time for the harder side of NAPT with this delicious remix hot off the presses with Fool’s Gold Rec.



Something different from Fukkk Offf. Less angry than usual.


Teddy's Philly Sound - Betcha (J Paul Getto Remix)

Last week we gave you a double helping of J Paul Getto. This week one serving should be enough for your daily allotted disco diet. Another grooving, happy-go-lucky track, this is the Uncle Flex pick for the week.


Joachim Garraud & Alesia - Nox (Titanoz Remix) Teaser

This is the week of tease... first TKNIK and now with Joachim Garraud via Dim Mak... all good though!

There you have it: another week, another post. Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to say anything, be it how much you love us or how you wish we fall into an open sewer, say it below. Don’t forget to share this with however ever many (or few friends) you have.


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