Best of Weekly Electro - Week 34 (13 Tracks!) 2012

Best of EDM & Electro

Greetings to all you out there around the web. The USS Bitcandy, under the command of Uncle Flex and Glitch, has been tasked with the mission of bringing you the top dance songs from the corners of the earth. Today we set course through uncharted waters. What will we find? Moombahcore? Tech rap? Only time will tell...

Nautical references aside, we’ve got some great tunes for you this week. Just this past weekend this little thing called IDentity Fest took place in a whale’s vagina. Excuse me, San Diego. Based on the drunken call I got from my housemate with her screaming “THIS IS SO FUCKING AWESOME,” I think it was pretty cool. Check out the lineup here and stay tuned for live mixes, videos, etc.


Huoratron - “Bug Party”

Epileptic seizure people look away please... but then you’d be missing out on the new godfather of Electro.


Zedd - Spectrum (Lyric Video) ft. Matthew Koma


C2C - Down The Road - starring Richie Jackson

Leave it to the French to always bring the freshness on the Electro side.  Our latest fascination is C2C… who have won more than a few DJ championships.  Trippy awesome video too.


Wolfgang Gartner - Girl On Girl (TEASER)

There’s just something about girl on girl that gets me everytime. Make sure to listen to Girl on Boy immediately afterward. IMMEDIATELY. If you’re lucky enough to have gone to IDentity fest, then you were lucky enough to see Wolfgang.


Nause - Hungry Hearts (Original Mix)

From the writer Vincent Pontaire who wrote “Save the World” for Swedish House Mafia comes his latest single... and oh yeah, cowritten by the indie babe Nicole Morier (from Coco Morier and Electrocute and writer for 5 Britney Spears songs you might know like “How I Roll”).  New single from Nause


We Are Farmers - THREE LOCO feat. DIPLO

If any of you out there have share my affinity for silly white dudes rapping about random shit while making videos involving farm equipment, then this is for you. Consisting of Andy Milonakis, Dirt Nasty, and RiFF RAFF, Three Loco are repping Mad Decent; Diplo even makes an appearance in this agricultural themed track. Check out Earmilk’s interview here.


Robbie Rivera - That's a Good Meatball (Bais Haus Remix)


NAPT - Bear Bang

The whole day I’m going to be going around now saying dramatically “Italian SPIDER-men.” 


Excision & Downlink - Crowd Control (Delta Heavy Remix)

The take away from this banger? Excision & Downlink don’t want you to fuck around! (you’ll see).


Skrillex & Boys Noize aka Dog Blood - Middle Finger | Full

Last week we brought you a sample of Dog Blood, the new combo of Skrillex and Boyz Noize. This week we bring you a FULL track. If last week left you wondering if where the hell Skrillex was in the track, this week should fix that. Much more of that Skrill sound in this one while still being balanced with the aggressive techno style of Boys Noize.


Evil Nine ft. Danny Brown - The Black Brad Pitt (Gesaffelstein Remix)

We’ve reached those unchartered waters we mentioned earlier. Check out “The Black Brad Pitt.” While there are two other mixes available on Bromance Records' soundcloud, we’re featuring the Gesaffelstein remix, which is a mix of gangsta rap sirens and something that would come out of a horror film. Combined with lyrics like, “Never shave my pubes bitch my nuts stay hairy,” this one is a gimme.


Crystal Castles - Baptism (Indyans edit)

A great remix of CC available for download from their soundcloud. They’re kicking off their tour on the 24th of August, making their way to the Palladium in Hollywood on Oct. 20. If you’ve never seen CC live, you should change that. Soon. They put on a great show.


Flosstradamus - UNDERGR☢UND ANTHEM

New Floss playing that trap shit, this one returns a bit to their older jock jams style with that clap track. Follow the link in the description on soundcloud to the download.


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